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Maths Teaching Internship – Chelmer Valley High School

In 2018 was offered an amazing opportunity to work in a local secondary school as part of the Maths and Physics Teaching Internship run jointly by Professional Learning Network & Mid Essex ITT. I’ve always known that teaching would be a career I would consider. But despite taking part in lots of other teaching experiences, I hadn’t been immersed quite as fully in the school system as I was during my time at Chelmer Valley High.

I had such an enjoyable, interesting and challenging experience over the four weeks and met some really incredible people. It was great to put my Summer to good use, whilst also getting paid – I’d definitely recommend this internship to students, even if they aren’t considering teaching as a career. I was able to develop a wide range of key skills that have been able to support my university learning as well as my ability to apply to jobs.

Application process:

The application process was easy and stress free; the staff who carried out the interviews were approachable and friendly. It prepared me further for other job interviews and was an enjoyable experience overall.

Training sessions:

As interns, we received a great deal of support and guidance throughout the process which made the internship all the more pleasurable. Before starting at our chosen schools, we were asked to attend training at Notley High School – therefore, I felt fully prepared before starting my placement. This was also a great opportunity to meet other university students who were being placed at schools throughout Essex.

Progress reports:

Logging my progress and significant experiences was a great way to understand how I developed my teaching skills during the internship. We were asked to fill out a progress report folder to note the lessons we had observed/taught and the responsibilities we had been assigned.

I was involved in every aspect of the school which really allowed me to understand how teaching would suit me as a career. I had such a positive experience that I have decided to train with Mid Essex ITT to become a maths teacher in September, after I finish my degree.

I’d like to thank Professional Learning Network for this chance to be included in the schools throughout Essex. I had so much fun, made some incredible memories and even consolidated my career choices. I’d not only recommend this internship to students considering teaching as a career, but also those who are simply looking for an experience to develop key skills that are desirable to all potential employers.

Maths Teaching Internship – Chelmer Valley High SchoolIn 2018 was offered an amazing opportunity to work in a local secondary school as part of the Maths and Physics Teaching ...