Braintree Dance Network

You may be aware that over the past three academic years (2013-2016) a total of 45 teachers across 24 schools in the Braintree district and its close neighbours have participated in a dance professional development programme. The programme is designed to enable school staff to increase dance provision in schools, both as part of the formal curriculum and during out of school time for children and young people.

The schools have been working with Gemma Wright of the Dance Network Association, and have been supported by Royal Opera House Bridge, Local Delivery Group, The Lyons Hall Teaching Alliance and via investment from the schools themselves.

The first three years have been extremely successful and have led to the following outcomes:

  • An increased understanding and knowledge of dance across a network of teaching staff in Braintree primary schools
  • Embedded high quality dance provision within the curriculum, creating opportunities for all children
  • Relevant and appropriate progression routes for pupils with a particular interest and/or talent for dance
  • Progression between key stages
  • Delivery of Arts Mark and Arts Awards to put Braintree on the map to show their commitment to arts and culture
  • We have created a self-supporting dance network that will support the sustainability of this initiative and ensure future developments
  • Annual dance festival to motivate and inspire pupils and teachers



1.       Monday 3 October Wayne McGregor Random Dance – Mind and Movement

2.       Go and see  December OR January Matthew Bournes ‘The Red Shoes’

3.       Monday 6 February Street/Hip Hop workshop – Bam Bam Boogies

4.       Monday 17 April Dance Teachers Network Annual Conference 2017

Includes a series of workshops covering safe practice, inclusive practice, and creative dance for EYFS, Primary and Secondary.

5.       Meeting in Summer Term – in lead up to festival to be set on 6 Feb  with cohort.

6.       Wednesday 21 June 2017 Braintree Dance Festival

There is a small cost of £300 per school to ensure we can run the meetings, workshops with guest artists and the festival – we do need at least 10 schools paying into the programme to offer the full content, if we do not receive this we will adapt the programme slightly and new details will be sent out to you.

Email Gemma Wright of the Dance Network Association for further information.