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This information and documentation is for ECT Induction from September 2021

For ECT Induction starting prior to September 2021 please click here

Early Career Teacher Induction

Professional Learning Network, in Partnership with Saffron Teaching School Hub, is an Appropriate Body for the Induction of primary and secondary Early Career Teachers (ECTs). Induction is an important bridge between training and practice that supports early career teachers to build their effectiveness and improve their teaching. It also provides an important quality assurance measure for schools, pupils and parents.


The charge for the 2 Year Appropriate Body service for each ECT is £150 (or £60 a term) in Year 1 and £150 (or £60 a term) in Year 2.

The Appropriate Body Service

  • Registration of the Early Career Teacher and returns to the Teaching Regulation Agency
  • Fidelity Checking of Early Career Programme route (an additional fee for schools choosing the Core or School-Based Induction Programme)
  • Induction Tutor training and Network meetings
  • Quality-assuring the process of your in-school support
  • Access to support materials directly from our website
  • Providing termly progress check documents which are returned electronically
  • Monitoring termly progress check reports to identify Early Career Teachers requiring additional support
  • Monitoring visit and the equivalent of 2 days SLE support for Early Career Teachers requiring additional support.
  • Providing formal end of Year 1 and Year 2 assessment documents which are returned electronically
  • Monitoring of all end of Year 1 and Year 2 reports for Early Career Teachers.
  • Making the final decision as to whether or not an Early Career Teacher’s performance, against the relevant standards, is satisfactory, drawing on the recommendation of the headteacher.

Download an Introduction to Headteachers

Dates for Submission of Progress Reviews and End of Year Reports 2021-2022

Autumn term progress reviews should be completed and returned between Monday 29th November and Friday 10th December 2021.
Spring term progress reviews should be completed and returned between Monday 14th March and Friday 25th March 2022
Summer term end of year 1 assessments should be completed and returned between Monday 20th June and Tuesday 12th July 2022

Useful Documents for ECT Induction

Download the relevant documents by selecting the links below.

ECT – Quality Assurance document

ECT – Initial Development Plan

ECT – Mentoring Session Record

ECT – Log of release time

ECT – Observing experienced teachers proforma

ECT – Teacher Standards Tracker

ECT – Initial Lesson Observation Proforma (Within first four weeks)

ECT – Lesson Observation proforma

ECT – Action Plan

ECT -Preparation for your Professional Review meeting

ECT – Half-Termly Professional Review meetings

ECT – Termly Self Review

ECT – Termly Formal Professional Review Meetings

ECT – Annual Formal assessment form

ECT – Future Development Plan

Core Induction Programme fidelity check

School-based Induction Programme fidelity check

Register your Early Career Teachers (ECTs) for statutory induction

Download the Registration document.

Induction Tutor training 2021-2022

All induction tutors are invited to attend training at no additional cost to learn about the requirements of the statutory induction period for ECTs and to receive guidance on setting up an induction programme to meet statutory requirements.

Induction Tutor training (included in the fee) will take place by video conferencing at 4pm – 5.30pm on the following choice of dates:

Wednesday 7th July 2021

Monday 12th July 2021
Wednesday 8th September 2021
Thursday 16th September 2021
To book a place please email: stating your name, school, contact email address of the induction tutor who will be attending.

What happens if an ECT is not making satisfactory progress?

In a small number of cases, teachers experience difficulties and an induction tutor may feel that the ECT is not progressing satisfactorily against the Teachers’ Standards. In such cases the induction tutor should discuss this with the headteacher, who in turn should contact the Named Person for ECTs at the Appropriate Body:

Verity Boreham,  Professional Learning Network Director

T: 07833472639


The purpose of identifying unsatisfactory progress is so that the school, with the Appropriate Body’s help, can put extra guidance and support into place so that they will be confident in recommending that the ECT has performed satisfactorily against the Teachers’ Standards by the end of the two year induction period.

Our services

For further information contact:
Verity Boreham Director

Telephone: 07833472639