About the Professional Learning Network

The Professional Learning Network (PLN) is a Teaching School Alliance, bringing together over 30 primary and secondary schools working to improve the quality of teaching in Mid Essex.

Our schools are supported by Lyons Hall Primary which has been designated as a National Teaching School as part of the Government’s drive to give schools more freedom and take increasing responsibility for managing the schools’ system.

As well as offering training and support for our Alliance, the Professional Learning Network identifies and coordinates expertise from the Alliance, using the best leaders and teachers to deliver what are known as the ‘Big 6’ key areas of focus.

Our core principles

The Professional Learning Network is underpinned by the following core principles which we believe are key in delivering the Big 6.

  • We believe people have the necessary resources to make changes.
  • We believe possibilities are infinite.
  • We believe if it works we’ll do more of it, if it doesn’t we’ll do something different.
  • We believe co-operation enhances positive change.
  • We believe you only get out what you put in.