School to School Support

The Professional Learning Network aims to offer a range of support at all levels by identifying and coordinating the expertise of a range of professionals from within and beyond our alliance. Many of our professionals lead training sessions for other colleagues. We are also in the process of developing criteria for the development and assessment of Excellent Practitioners, outstanding teachers who would like to gain more experience before being deployed to support other schools or applying to become a Specialist Leader of Education. Please click on the boxes below for further information.

National Leaders of Education (NLE) and Local Leaders of Education (LLE)

We have two NLEs and four LLEs, working within Professional Learning Network.  Please see our NLE and LLE page if you are interested in using their experience to support your school. Please contact the individual headteacher to discuss availability and fees.

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)

We have 14 trained SLEs, working within the Professional Learning Network, available for deployment for school to school support. Find out more information about our SLEs and their areas of expertise.

For further details about our SLEs and their availability, complete the Specialist Leader of Education initial request form and email to

Bilingual book Library

We offer EAL pupil support through the The Beckers Green Bilingual Book Library

Braintree Dance Network

This dance professional development programme is designed to enable school staff to increase dance provision in schools, both as part of the formal curriculum and during out of school time for children and young people.

Our services

For further information contact: Ann Wilks Director

Telephone: 07917 734531