Our Specialist Leaders of Education

How do I request SLE support?

The current PLN SLE Directory is available here. Covering a range of experiences and expertise, the SLEs are available for short to medium term deployments to support school improvement work, to lead staff training and to raise the standard of teaching.

If you are looking for support in an area that does not appear to be represented here, then please get in touch with us, as we may still be able to put you in touch with suitable staff able to meet your needs.

If you are interested in using our SLE expertise in your school, please contact Ann Wilks on directorPLN@gmail.com for further details about our SLEs and their availability.

Alternatively please complete the Specialist Leader of Education initial request form and return to Ann Wilks directorPLN@gmail.com.

Our SLEs

We are pleased to have 22 trained SLEs, working within PLN, available for deployment for school to school support.

Susan Axon-Eaves:

Primary Phase – Early Years

Jacqui Beavis:

Primary Phase – Leadership of Curriculum, English, Assessment for Learning.

Andrew Butcher:

Primary and Secondary Phase – Computer Science, Data & Analysis, Middle Leadership and Cross Curricular Projects.

Charlotte Butcher:

Secondary Phase – Maths

Mark Darling:

Primary Phase – English, Talk 4 Writing, Pie Corbett approach to literacy.

Gabrielle Deed:

Primary Phase – ICT across the curriculum, Assessment for Learning, Literacy.

Hannah Ellis:

Primary Phase – Early Years.

Nickki Emrich:

Nursery and Primary Phase – Phonics, Early Years, Mentoring, Coaching and NQT mentoring.

Scott Caygill:

Secondary Phase Leadership of the Curriculum

Sue Edwards:

Primary Special Educational Needs

Jenni Saward:

Nursery and Primary Phase – Phonics, Reading, Early Years, KS1, Middle Leadership, Senior Leadership, Lesson Observation and NQT Mentoring.

Hayley Frid:

Secondary Phase – Modern Languages.

Becky Keitch:

Primary Phase – Leadership of Curriculum, English Assessment for Learning.

Anne Mitchell:

Primary and Secondary Phase – Modern Foreign Languages.

Marion Powell:

Junior Phase – ITT and NQT Development.

Louise Sage:

Primary Phase – Leaderhsip of CPD, Leadership of Cirriculum, English, ICT, ITT and NQT Development.

Sophie Farthing:

Secondary English

Peter Stafford:

Primary Phase – Maths.

Davina Willson:

Secondary Phase – Reading, Writing, English, NQT Development, Lesson Observation and NQT Mentoring.

Beverly Simmons:

Primary English

Niomi Roberts:

Primary Science

Neil Woodcock:

Primary History