Developing Spelling Programme


Lyons Hall Primary School (CM7 9FH)


Rachel Pritchard and Emma Bradshaw

Programme dates:

Day 1: Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Day 2: Tuesday 8th February 2022

Day 3: Tuesday 29th March 2022

Each day will begin at 9am with coffee from 8:30am.  Please sign in at the main office and you will be directed to the training room.  Parking is available beyond the school in front of the training rooms (demountable on the playground).  If the car park is full then there are few parking restrictions apart from in the immediate road outside the school, where there are double yellow lines.

Comments from previous delegates:

“Great examples to share with staff which will raise the profile of spelling in each class.”

“Thank you! A fabulous course. It has made me think more deeply about teaching spelling. The game ideas were very useful.”

“Really useful course with lots of fun activities to develop confident and able spellers.”

“A great course with lots of practical approaches to delivering and improving the teaching of spelling.”

Details of the programme:

  • 3 whole-day training sessions (1 per half term)
  • Gap tasks between days 1/2 and days 2/3 and opportunities for delegates to share progress with these
  • Opportunities to observe teaching of spelling with pupils
  • Opportunity for action planning
  • Collaborative learning
  • Flexible content to meet the requirements of the group

Day 1:

  • Characteristics of a confident speller
  • National Curriculum expectations with regard to spelling and what will be assessed
  • Principles underpinning spelling
  • Opportunity to observe the teaching of spelling
  • Strategies to support the teaching of spelling
  • Time to plan and share ideas to develop back in school

 Day 2:

  • Strategies to support the learning of spellings
  • Use of spelling investigations to deepen learning
  • Opportunity to observe the teaching of spelling
  • Dictionary skills
  • Sharing of practice and learning from what has been tried back in school
  • Time to plan ideas to develop back in school

 Day 3:

  • How to structure the spelling teaching sequence
  • Applying of spelling in writing
  • Importance of developing proof-reading skills
  • Assessment and marking of spelling
  • Opportunity to observe the teaching of spelling
  • Learning environment to support the application of spelling in writing
  • Action planning for continuing impact back in school
  • Sharing of practice and learning from what has been tried back in school


£150 per person for three day programme (lunch and refreshments included)


For further information please contact:

Verity Boreham: Director Professional Learning Network
T: 07833472639


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